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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am so agree with the phrase “Hotlink is the hottest prepaid card in Malaysia’. I can feel it because I am a customer of hotlink prepaid card about 2 years. Now, we can see, most of Malaysians choose Hotlink prepaid card as a device to communicate with other. There are many reason why I am saying like that. Beside we can get a broad coverage, a  cheapest charge, more funs and others.  

First off all, there are many benefits if we use Hotlink Prepaid Card. With Hotlink, we can get a high speed coverage all over our country. It is because, Hotlink using a satellite to give a coverage. You can make a call or receive call and other like send and receive sms anywhere and anytime. As we know now, Hotlink and TimeCel (017) were joined. It means by using hotlink we can also get a network when having a journey in the North-Southern Highway because there are many TimeCel tower along North-southern Higway to supply more coverage for their customer. If we go to oversea we can also communicate with our handphone by using IDD (International Direct Dialling).

Beside that, with Hotlink, we can get more saving. It is because, the charge of Hotlink are more cheap especially  if we activate a Hotlink plan. There are two way to using Hotlink prepaid card to get more saving like “Talk Plan” and “Sms Plan”. If we activate  the talk plan, we can get more discount for each call that we do. Just 39 cents per minute for all call. Beside that, the other plan is sms plan where we can get saving if we send sms. Just 2 cents per sms. For all University student’s like me, it can be more save if we register with Hotlink Campus Zone., we can activate our Hotlink Campus Zone just using a sms and give our study places and matrics number to activate our campus Zone. The charge of Hotlink Campus Zone are too cheap. The charge of Campus Zone are 15 cents per call and 1 cent per sms. It means, we can save up to 60% with Hotlink Campus Zone if we make acall or send sms when we at campus. We also can get another discount for each call that we make by activate “Active 5”. We can request to Hotlink operator 5 hotlink prepaid 012 & 017 or maxis postpaid number to be our “Active 5” numbers. We can save credit anywhere and anytime because the charge for “Active 5” is just 15 cents.

Further more, with Hotlink, if we use a handphone which can receive GPRS and 3G connection, with Hotlink, we can get a GPRS and 3G connection direct to our handphone. With GPRS connection, we can surf  internet everytime and everywhere just using a  handphone. The charge for using the GPRS connections are also cheap. And if we use 3G connection, we can download a movie and we can watch the movie just using the handphone. This connection can give us more fun and give evidence that now handphone is not for  making and receiving a call but we can get benefit more than that.

The other benefit from using Hotlink Prepaid Card is we can get a special service that can help our to find our friend. The service are called “Friend finder”. With using “Friend Finder”, we can know where are the location of our friend just send sms to Hotlink’s operator our friends handphone number. The Hotlink’s operator will reply your sms to give you the location of our friend. By using this service, we can save our prepaid credit to call our friends.

Beside that, with hotlink prepaid card, we can get more fun. It is because, we can activate a caller ringtone. It can give more fun to all who want to call us. They can hear a song from their handphone if they call us. We also can download our favourite caller ringtones because everyweek we can get many new song to download as our caller ringtones from Hotlink “s Website. We can also use a special effects for our caller ringtones like a movie sound, animal sound and others. Just call the operator and request for our favourite caller ringtones.

With Hotlink also, we can register for Hotlink Club where we can get more information about a special event. It is because, Hotlink will send sms to all membership to inform about a special events. We also can get many advantage  from hotlink club like a discount to shopping at selected outlet. Hotlink will give us a virtual membership card and if you show the virtual membership at the selected outlet, you can get a discount. We also can get many benefit like special  gift such as we can get free top-up, over free time to talk and other.

To conclude, we can say, there are many benefit that we can get by using Hotlink Prepaid Card. Beside from having wide coverage, we also can get more saving, benefits and more fun. That is why I am absolutely agree with the phrase” Hotlink is the hottest prepaid card in Malaysia”.

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