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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Nowadays, we can see that, ‘Bata’s products become one of the popular products of shoes and sandals in Malaysia and all over the world’. As we know, Bata is one of the France product, that are sold in many country in the world such as Malaysia. I’m so agree with this phrase because, today we can saw in everywhere most of Malaysian and in other country wear the Bata’s products to go to work, travel, sports and enjoy a recreation. There are many reason why most of Malaysians choose Bata’s products to look more smart, sassy, stylish and elegent.

First of all, the price of Bata’s products is more cheaper than others. If we compare the price than other many shoes and sandals product, we can found that Bata’s products is the cheapest and most of Malaysian have enough money to buy this products. This means, if we buy the Bata’s products, we can save our money and in the same time, we can still look smart and elegent. It is important for us to decide the products which have a cheaper price to be smart consumer and replied a government exclamation to avoid wasting when shopping. In that case, we can increase our saving from that transactions beside we can still look smarts and elegants.

In other side, the designed of Bata’s products are also satisfying. If we look in Bata’s boutique, there are many designed and coloured of Bata’s products which have a beautiful designed and trendy. It’s also suitable for all kind of fashion. These products are also very comfortable because the products have been designed specifically to fit our feet. The designs include all of the aspects and criterias that the consumers need. The designs are also up-to-date and  always follow the latest designed fashion.We will never unease when we wear them or seldom  have any problems, such as our feet will smell bad when we wear Bata.   

Besides that, Bata’s products are easy to find. It is because, Bata are one of francais company. So, we can see Bata’s boutique everywhere. It can make easy for us to go to shopping without require to go to many places to find the products compare with other brand products which we must go to many places to find the boutique. It can save our time, energy and cost. Additional from that, nowadays people are very busy in working and have lack of  time to do the other activities. So that, we can save our time, energy and our cost because we mustn’t go to many places to find the boutique. 

Further more, Bata’s products are high quality products. Although we can get Bata’s products with the lower price, but it have quality like other brand which are expensive. This is very important to ensure customer to buy their product. Bata’s products are also more durable which we can wear Bata’s products to participate extreme sport like jungle tracking, hiking, and others. We also can use this products for a long times as we wants because this products are very durable and have a high quality.

Bata’s products also are suitable to all age. Never care, even old or young. Also suitable to all sex. It is because Bata’s products produce many types of sandals and shoes to all level of age and all sex to make a fashions. To all students, Bata were supplied many type of school shoes which have a smart and comfortable design to walk to school. As we know, most of students in Malaysia wear the Bata’s products to go to school. To people who work also, Bata also supplied many shoes or sandals to wear when we are working.Bata’s products are also economically cheap so parents who have a lot of children, can always buy these products to save money.

Moreover, we can never be ashamed of these products because it is highly recognized not only in the international but all over the world. We can always be rest assured that these products  will not be duplicated or ripped off, or copied like other products. Thus, like I said, Bata, is well worth buying for because it always be an original design.

There are variety of designs that we can choose from these products. For instance, it is not very hard to choose any colour  that you want even though it is the same design. In other words, you can always differentiate yourself from others with the variety of colours that they always offered to their customers all over the world. Unlike other products, Bata are safe to assumed that their products can be wear by all kind of ages  or people who have different religions because their products  are made from quality control and not from any kind of animal, and it does not promote any kind of  aggression or sexual behaviour.

To conclude, we can say, there are many benefit that we can get by using Bata’s products. Beside from the cheap price, smart and elegent design, high quality, comfort and suitable to all people. That’s why I’m absolutely agree with the Bata’s Products are most popular products in Malaysia and all over the world. I suggest to all of you out there to use Bata’s products in living never care where are we going such going to school, working, sports and others because it’s totally suitable and comfortable.

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