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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Before I talk longer, I want to say that i’m so agree with “Get the best with Xpax”. Nowadays, we can see many of Malaysians use Xpax prepaid card from celcom as a device to communicate with others. It is because there are many benefits that we can gets from this prepaid card. Beside we can get abroad coverage, a cheapest charge, and others benefits if we be a fix customer of this products.

First of all, with Xpax prepaid card, we can get abroad coverage to communicate such as make a call, sending a message or surfing GPRS. It is because, as we know, Celcom and TmTouch nowadays make a joint venture to improve their service and as we know, Celcom and TmTouch are the same great benefits and coverage in Malaysia.. It’s can make the coverage become abroad because there are many tower to support the coverage. We also can see for ourself that most of city and town can get the coverage from this device.

There are many benefits if we use the Xpax prepaid card.  With this prepaid card, we can share our airtime balances. Just sending via sms, we can share our airtime credits with others as low as RM1. It is so interesting because, it can make easy for us to share the airtime credits balance with other without do many work. It also rescue us in emergency times when there is no credit balances and no public phone nearby.


Beside that, with Xpax prepaid card also, we can get the SIMcard Rescue. It so important to us to get this service because if the sim card were lost or stolen, we can get a back-up and restore phonebook information because for every user all the information are important to preserve the connections between friends and relatives. It can make easier to us to get information from Celcom center about all the information that stored in the simcard although it’s lost.

Further more, as we know, the most important case to choose a prepaid card is about the charge. With Xpax prepaid card, we can get a lowest charge to call and sms. It is because, the charge if we make a call is 15 cents per minutes and 1 cents per sms. We also can get 50% more free airtime with this prepaid card. It become more save with Super Sunday which we can get 50% discount of the charge to make a call and send sms during Sunday. Beside that, the price of Xpax prepaid card are also cheap. Just RM 20 and we can get a special services from Celcom. The charge of overseas calls are also cheap. With Budget IDD from Xpax prepaid card. We can get save up to 90% on overseas calls.

If we wants to have fun we can also get it with Xpax prepid card. If we choose Xpax prepaid card, we can get free a Call Me Tones. Call Me Tones is a tones that we can hear when we call them before they answered the called. This service is automatically activated with the Xpax theme song. Beside that, we also are easy to change the tones. Just send the request via sms.

If we stay longer with Xpax prepaid card, we can get the Airtime Bonus. More longer we stay, more airtime bonus we can get. The airtime balance will send via sms. The lucky person that were competent to get airtime balance can receives sms to tell that they get the bonus from Celcom. This free airtimes will automatically be credited into into the account.

Besides that, with Xpax prepaid card, we can get easy GPRS connection. It is because we can get Automatic configuration for GPRS capabilities if we use Xpax prepaid card. The GPRS can allow us to surf the internet just using handphones which can receive an internet connection for free. With this service, we can surf the website everytime and everywhere without bring a computer, just using a handphone.

When we travel to oversea, we also still can communicate with international roaming. It is because, with Xpax prepaid card from Celcom we can always stay in touch while overseas. It’s means that, although we travel to overseas, we still can get the coverage and can communicate with others. By that you would not be missing your relatives or your loves ones during your journey overseas.

To conclude, we can say, there are many benefit that we can get by using Xpax Prepiad card from celcom. Beside from having wide coverage, we also can get more saving, benefits and more fun. Finally, I’m was proud to say that “we can get the best with  Xpax prepaid card from Celcom”

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