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Sunday, October 16, 2011

speech - The Proper Way To Discipline Your Children

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I am Ali from the Agape Childcare Center and I am here to speak on the topic: “The Proper Way To Discipline Your Children”. Ladies and gentlemen, as a parent just what is the best way to train our children to listen, obey and be respectful of themselves and others? Considering all of the things that I have read and observed on the subject, and my years of experience working closely with many different families in childcare, what emerges as most important is that discipline.
Now, before exploring the “how” of discipline, it is important to have a good understanding of just “what” discipline is and “why” it is a vital part of a child’s development. To discipline a child is to train him or her in a way that corrects and molds the moral character. Discipline is what teaches children what is right and wrong, which behaviours are acceptable and which behaviours are not. Your child is learning all the time how to be an individual and how different behaviours affects those around him or her. Opportunities present themselves all of the time for you to teach them about how the world works and how to treat others. Bad behaviour is no exception. 
So, just what constitutes a bad behaviour? You are the ones who have the job of shaping their child’s integrity, and it is you who must determine what behaviours you will and will not accept from your children. We have to remember, “good” and “bad” behaviours will sometimes be different things in different families. Each family has to decide what things are in line with their beliefs and set the boundaries that will allow their own family system to operate well and happily.

How should we discipline our children? Firstly, remove the child from the problem situation. This can be as easy as making the child stand up or pulling the child aside. Sometimes, in more volatile circumstances, it may be more appropriate to remove the child from the room completely.

It is important to identify the unacceptable behaviour. This means clearly stating what the child did wrong AND expressing your disapproval of his or her behaviour. For example, say something like “I do not like it when you hit your sister.”

Next step, give the discipline. This could be a time-out, a spanking or having a talk with that child, explaining why that behaviour is not right. For younger children, you may try focusing their attention on a new activity, distracting them from the negative situation.

After the discipline is over you have to let go the issue completely. Your children have to know that when they mess up, they can try again, and that mom or dad will be just as loving every time. Your tone should return to a pleasant one, your body language should convey nothing but love and acceptance, and your treatment of that child should be as if he or she has done nothing wrong. After children have served their time, allow them to come back into a situation that is fun, loving, and supportive.

As I stated earlier, opportunities are always presenting themselves for us to teach our children, and it is important to mention that good behaviour is not an exception either. Let us not forget that discipline can be positive as well. Discipline is about training, and that training does not only come through doling out punishments and correcting wrong behaviour. Remember to praise and reward the good behaviour of your children! Something as simple as an acknowledgement, a hug or kiss, or even a special treat will keep the good behaviour coming.

Be immediate and consistent with your problem behaviour interventions, have clear boundaries set up to define what is and is not acceptable for your family. A child’s moral character gradually progresses through different developmental stages, much like their physical appearance and intellectual capabilities do.

I would like to end my speech by stressing that proper discipline will provide your children with the fertile ground to mature into considerate and respectful individuals, and will help guide their way through the many rights and wrongs in life. With that, I thank you for your attention.Click ads for your tq or like.

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