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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


General Rules
1.      Observe safety procedures while working with sharp knife and other equipment
2.      Keep your station clean. Each student should assist in general housekeeping of the laboratory. You are responsible for washing our own equipment.
3.      Be cooperative in sharing limited space and tools.
4.      Inform the instructor of any physical disabilities that might cause danger to you or another student while you work in the laboratory.
5.      Never sit on any equipment in the laboratory.
6.      Return all equipment to its proper location in the laboratory. Each piece of equipment should be clean and dry before it is stored.

Personal Hygiene
1.      Wash your hands with soap before working with food. Do not dry your hands with dish towels. Paper towels are available. Do not wear excessive jewelry.
2.      After using a handkerchief, wash your hands before you handle food again.
3.      Put on the chef hat before entering the laboratory, and do not remove it until after you leave the laboratory. Chef hat must be paper or linen.
4.      Avoid touching your hair or face while working with food. Wash your hands after each contact.
5.      Use a special spoon or fork for sampling any food product to test for doneness or seasoning. Any spoon or fork placed in the mouth must be washed before being used for further food sampling.

Appropriate clothing for the food preparation laboratory includes the following items:
v  Clean white chef’s jacket.
v  Black-and-white checkered chef’s pants
v  Clean white bib apron
v  Paper or linen chef hat
v  Black or white leather shoes
v  Name tag

The following is essential equipment for your laboratory experience:
ü  French knife
ü  Boning knife
ü  Liquid measuring cups
ü  Ruler
ü  Paring knife
ü  Potato peeler
ü  Measuring spoons
ü  Dry measuring cups
ü  Scissors
ü  Pencil and paper
ü  Calculator
ü  Your text

A large tackle box works well to store your equipment. Remember that knife are viewed as weapons and must be carried an a secure manner. Make sure that each piece of your equipment has your name identification somewhere.


1-No bag is allowed.Student are not allowed to leave the class without permission during class
2-Student must be in complete uniform before entering the kitchen:
ü Chequered/black pants
ü Apron
ü Cook’s jacket
ü Scarf for female and cook’s hat for male
ü Kitchen towels
ü White socks and safety shoes(no sneakers or sports shoes)
ü Student name tag(i,d)
 3-Nails must be short.No polish(evencolorless)
4-Hair must be neat,tidy,well trimmed and covered or netted.No hair covering         the eyes
 5-Male students must clean shaven.Moutaches and beard are only allowed if they are well trimmed.If keps for religious observant.It has to be netted.
 6-No jewelers(no even wedding ring)allowed,wristwatches have to hang around the top most buttons
7-No eating or picking in the kitchen.Remember that testing and eating are 2 different things.For tasting use proper techniques.
8-Students in a group or individuals are responsible for any breakages and or damages of equipmet/utensils they are use in the kitchen.
9-Do not move or remove or transfer any utensils or equipment from any kitchen or laboratory.
10-No student are allowed to enter the kitchen outside class time.
11-Kitchen doors should be kept locked in between classes
12-Students are allowed to bring
ü Approved knife set
ü Text book
ü Note book
ü Stationery
13-The kitchen must be kept clean at all times
ü Put away garbage in the garbage can lines with garbage plastics
ü Keep working area and skins clean
ü Mop up any spills
14-Group leader is required to assign the group to carry out cleaning duties,which includes washing and drying up sweeping the floor,moping,throwing garbage and cleaningthe sinks,stove area,storage of ingredients and refrigerator.
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